Greens with Garlic and Ginger recipe

This recipe is for simple steamed greens with garlic, ginger, brown sugar and fish sauce. Serve these with any meaty Thai dish or with a little added curry paste to make them into a curried vegetable dish.


  • 150g broccoli florets
  • 150g pak choi, cut into chunks
  • 50g spring onions, shredded
  • 100g sugar snap peas
  • 1 tsp. minced ginger
  • 1 tsp. minced garlic
  • 1 tsp. brown sugar
  • 1 tbsp. fish sauce


  1. Put some water into the bottom pan of the steamer and bring it to the boil. Put the broccoli florets, pak choi, spring onions and sugar snap peas into the steamer section. Add the garlic and ginger and mix well.

  2. Steam the vegetables for four minutes, then stir the sugar into the fish sauce and pour over the vegetables to serve.

Chill the vegetables before pouring the fish sauce mixture over them to create a crisp green salad. This recipe serves two.

Author: Laura Young.

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150gabout 5 oz (5.29095 oz based on 0.035273 ounces in a gram)
50gabout 2 oz (1.76365 oz based on 0.035273 ounces in a gram)
100gabout 4 oz (3.5273 oz based on 0.035273 ounces in a gram)


Published: January 10, 2012