We're all a little bit guilty of reaching for the phone and calling our local Thai takeaway when we fancy a bite of Thai cuisine — but you might be surprised to know that it's actually really quite easy to make at home. Thai food uses all sorts of interesting flavours, such as peanuts, palm sugar, tamarind paste, chilli, fish sauce and spices, but once your store cupboard is stocked up with the required ingredients you can make authentic Thai dishes in the comfort of your own kitchen again and again. We have green Thai chicken curry recipes, as well as a tasty Massaman curry recipe and some simple side dishes that you can serve alongside your meal.

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About Thai Cooking:

Thai food is well known for being a balanced cuisine; although it is spicy, most Thai dishes also have four requisite components — sour, sweet, salty and bitter. On their own, these flavours may be unpleasant, but when they are put together they are brilliantly harmonious.

Thai meals often consist of curry with rice, although rice is often eaten on its own as a dish. Often, several small curry dishes and rice dishes are served together and then everyone is expected to help themselves to whatever they fancy — so next time you have a dinner party, try serving up a few of our curry dishes and side dishes listed above.

For the true Thai eating experience, try eating with just a spoon — in Thailand, the fork is used to push food onto your spoon and then your spoon is what is used to eat the food. Knives are generally not used to eat with and are only used to prepare food.

Take a look at some of our recipes above for true Thai inspiration — we have a monkfish curry, a Thai red beef curry, a coconut and lime rice recipe as well as a fabulously speedy prawn curry recipe.